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I've been researching various veteran's histories from Air Force from the 1950s Base on records, a veteran was mysteriously discharged from the HQ 6950th RAGGRUMO British Isles (USAFSS) on November 24, 1958.

He was then just as mysteriously 're-enlisted' right back in the same squadron the very next day of November 25, 1958 as both of these entries indicate Chicksands, England Air Force base.

Worked with some good people, Tom Gillespie, Spicer, Snell, Kulick, and some greaat people. Richmond (1/11/16) The Richmond family lived in The Priory 1950-1952. [email protected] (31/10/16) hi i dont know if you remember me,i used to work in the snack bar on the hill and the small one down the bottom.i really enjoyed it . Spent a lot of time at the club on the foosball table. I remember riding to work with a guy whose name I can no longer remember, but he drove a white 68 or 69 GTO. Of course most of my time at Chicksands I was hitting the annex, then after it was converted to a cafeteria either the NCO or Rod & Gun Club.

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Can anyone out there with insight on records from Chicksands and that time period and with better sources determine what SDN-903 may represent?Please write me with any suggestions and thanks for the correspondence I've had from some of you.Fran Haynes (she dated Budgie), Mary (can't recall her last name). I remember Dennis Stiffler, Kerry and Dana Laughlin, Abb Smith, George Magraff, Terri Menger, Don Kalil, and many more names that will not come to me now. [email protected] Palo 25/12/16 I was stationed at Chicksands from 82 to 84 with 2112th CS, I also work at the Auto Hobby Shop part time and was the Garden Club President.TA mates [email protected] Pierce (28/12/16) I was a Morse Code Operator at RAF Chicksands from 1974 to 1977. During the 1984 Fete that was held on base, the Garden Club had a booth up that sold watermelons for the first time. Cheers 440-453-4278 [email protected] Ramey (18/12/16) Greetings and Happy Holidays Chicksands.Would anyone know what work he was doing as no family member knows? I originally worked in the Orderly Room with MSgt Clarence Lilly, and then went onto the Hill and into Admin with MSgt William Snyder. Of course most of the people who I hung out with probably don't remember much more than I do. [email protected] Winslet (4/8/16) My mum Ida Winslet later to be Theobald was seeing an serviceman at Chicksands during the year 1956, she was 16 at the time.

Chicksands was such a fun place, the Rod and Gun was a place to throw darts. She became pregnant and had me, I do not think she told the serviceman about me, but she died not telling me who my father was. Would like to know my background and who my father was. Please write me Would like the most to hear from someone that served at both bases and remembers other that did. Les Stobbs, ex RAF 48/49 [email protected] Wilson (24/6/16) Hi All, I was 202 on DAWG flight 1978-1980. Some names I remember: Charles Bodie, Frank Furgess, Dan Fekety, Lou Palmeri, Robert(?

LMAO I was trying to send an email to Howard Kreig Elicker, but email address is no longer accepting messages. David Wehr sounds familiar, but not sure, Solo was Dickie Croy and lived in Arkansas I believe.

I shared a house with him in Bedford (48 Brookfield Road) Also living at the house were Steve "Rut" Wetherall (married a bird named Wendy), Stew Wingate, & Mike Spadaccini. Al "Big Al" Jenkins, Scottie Watkins, Glen "Fuzzie" Mc Farlin, Gary "JJ" Stevens, Gary Mc Entee, Mike Looker, Rick "Rocco" Reilly (He was a 'day lady' but shared a place with Mike Looker and another guy (last name Wilson or Williams I think) from Charlie Flt on the outskirts of Luton, Ron Herron, Mike "Chappy" Chapman, Bill "Hambone" Harris, Ernie "Bullett" Moore, Paul Stefaniak - he married Dina.

King (24/1/17) a1c Clarence stationed at chicksands summer 1962 thru spring 1964 was assigned to antenna radio worked with e&i team from Germany installing flr-9 radio equipt.

lots of local people at base rod&gun club during dart spent several months at kirknewton air base edinbourgh lots of wonderful people over there.

Base on reading some people's inquiries on their own military records, the number itself seems to be quite an 'unknown' on many records like it's some type of hidden code number system within the military.