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On 11 June 2002, they were married at Castle Leslie in Glaslough, Ireland.They had one child, Beatrice, in 2003, but were living apart by May 2006.

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In London, Mc Cartney had a five-year relationship with Asher, living in her parents' house for three years.He wrote several songs at the Ashers' house, including "Yesterday".The former Beatle has reportedly been seeking comfort in the arms of the Pulp Fiction star, following Mills' public outbursts on U. MCCartney, 65, has been separated from Mills since May 2006, but is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with the ex-model.They had three children together, and remained married until her death from breast cancer in 1998.

Mc Cartney appeared publicly beside Heather Mills at a party in January 2000, to celebrate her 32nd birthday.

Arquette, also 48, was seen arriving with Mc Cartney at his London home last Sunday.

The couple was together inside the house for two hours, then Mc Cartney drove away with Arquette hidden in the backseat, the News of the World said.

He wrote several songs at the Ashers', including "Yesterday", and worked on songs with Lennon in the basement music room.

Asher inspired many songs, such as "And I Love Her", "You Won't See Me", and "I'm Looking Through You".

They told Mc Cartney's father, Jim Mc Cartney, whom they expected to be shocked at the news, but found him delighted at the prospect of becoming a grandfather.