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Even though you’ll be just 2 steps away from the seat, this smooth operator will come from behind like a shadow & will leave no stone unturned in making that coveted seat, hers.

And when someone somehow tries to make their way around their humongous circumference, they will scream ‘Dhakka kyun maar rahe ho, tameez nahi hai chalne ki’ The MOST irritating aunties of all. After they acquire this super tiny space, they attempt to wiggle their huge butts into that little space and make other passenger try out different positions of acrobatics.

They see that the seat is completely occupied and there is absolutely no space left to fit in, yet they still come, force people on ‘Making some space’ and then sit in that tiny little particle space. The saying goes, when two women meet, they can’t just shut up. But then it’s the same when an Aunty gets herself a phone.

Tanu nenu avarana gf undha ani adigindi unaru kani andharu friends a ani chapanu.

Nenu inka me life ela undi ani adiganu not bad ani chepindi endhuku ela antunaru ani adigiganu tanu emledhu ani mata marchindi ayete nenu chapandi ani adiganu apudu tana husband office work ki echina importance tanaki evadu ani chepindi.

Whether a short skirt, a new kurta, in-trend hair-do, they will make sure to harmlessly hunt down each & every minute detail about you.

Now this is the species that has mastered the art of locating an empty seat in any corner of the compartment.

Following are the types of Aunties you meet in Delhi metro who make your everyday tiresome commute, way more tiresome.

These are the ones who will constantly stare at any new entry in the compartment.

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Tanu ala chapagane naku line clear avtundi ankunanu kani akado oka china bayam entha mandi tho chat chayaledu okati ana workout kaledhu kada ani.