Mentally retarded dating

No one said the woman was "intelligent" anyway, just average intelligence.

I remember watching a TV movie from way back about a young mentally disabled couple who meet and marry.

I don't know if those babies are "slow" too, but that seems likely. She described herself as being like a Barbie doll with it's legs pulled off; everything else was normal, she just didn't have legs. I remember that her baby was actually carried sideways in her body because of that."I figured it was the fat girl's only chance for a husband & kids, so she grabbed it while she could." Dataloungers are so kind and charitable, aren't they?

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That's sad but it's their business, & maybe they were both happy in their own ways.It's just sad that they produced 2 impaired children who can't function on their own any more than their father can & are now giving birth themselves (as unwed teenagers).24 and 27, Look up Doug Forbis.When I asked about them having children she said testosterone is so low, they can't reproduce.If I was with someone and they had a brain injury I'd like to think I'd stay with them but I don't know if I'm a good enough person to really do that. But the few women I've seen with this condition were married with children.You sometimes see couples with disparate wealth and attractiveness, but I can't think of a single couple like this.

And I mean in real life, not a Lifetime movie of the week. He's thinking of marrying a woman he likes with the same condition.They have most or all of the soft tissue "equipment", but it's all squished together when they are "sitting" on it.Some of them have small non-functional legs and choose to have them removed.Treat Williams played the hottest mentally challenged guy in cinema history, who falls in love with Kelly Mc Gillis.They, along with Paco the parrot, run from their little hick town to start over and set up house so they can kiss "while they got no clothes on."It used to show up on Starz Romance every now and again back in the '00s.One was mentally retarded in some manner and attended special classes. They looked quite alike, shared the same disability, etc. I use to work with a creepy guy, and always wondered who would marry that. You used to see these people on daytime talk shows before the violent trash train wrecks took over the tube. I knew a woman of average intelligence who was very overweight, married to a man who was "slow". I figured it was the fat girl's only chance for a husband & kids, so she grabbed it while she could.