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Singer is just a gross mo into teenage boys but as long as he makes the big studios money and there is "plausible" deniability everyone will look the other way just making the occasional snide remark now and then.The studio has no reason to care about anyone outside of the fact that they make money. They only care about your personal life problems/scandals if it interferes with you being able to make money.

Bryan Singer is so transparent, ballsy and probably fucked up. In a way it's good to have buff porn stars visit the set so at least people don't think he's into young meat.

He's probably hired his pick of them off set, so who knows what promises he has made to these guys (or they to him) to get them on set. And yes, straight directors/producers surely do the same, but the point is if anyone thinks there is no casting couch for jobs on the set, especially Singer's it's not a big leap to make, especially for Palermo. I wonder how is it that Singer is the one people are concentrating on then? About they gay shaming: If you visit regular movie sites you see there are always people in the comments who bring up Singer's sex life.

You can scream and bitch and throw hissy fits all you want that this is whore shaming.

For movie sites where people talk about it, they're more rationally comparing them than you are. Him bringing porn stars/rentboys to the set is HIM putting out there in the open how much he mixes business with his sex life. and who else got on his sets, got jobs because of it. If you can't handle it, this place may be too tough for you.

He claims an emotional attraction to men but when it comes to relationships, it's the old he's too busy line, even though he claims to have not been too busy enough for a relationship with a woman.

Sounds to me like he doesn't want to be seen as a gay filmmaker among the Hollywood set, and has an attraction to young guys because he's got an adolescent sexuality.

He's not hiding it, which is why we can talk about it. The fact that you say he likes guys that look "16 and over" and that Polanski thought she was 16 just makes your insistence (without proof) that Singer has stayed on the legal side of the line.

He seems to have liked guys that look like they are 16 and over.

But if we gossip about Bryan Singer it's homophobia?

When did everyone on this site become such fucking prudes/oversensitive girls? He says “Talking about human sexuality is like talking about the second World War,” ... And this set of nuggets:“I’m quite bisexual,” he says.

If older director men bring in their girlfriends who are 30 years younger are there headlines over that? Singer has gotten a lot of attention because he has played dangerously with the age line. Here's just one of many examples of this kind of stuff on the net. The point about Polanski was not to compare the ages of their conquests.