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They have careers such as waitress, teacher, and lawyer.

Each girl turns in her ring prior to the ceremony and hopes that she gets it right back.

By the end of the season, the bachelor selects just one lady as the winner and can choose to propose to her if he wishes.

So, in the now-standard manner of dating reality shows, "More to Love" recruits 20 large women - in the 200- to 300-pound range - who will compete for his affection. Conley comes off as a genuinely sweet fellow, calm and well-grounded, with none of the card-shark aura of too many men on these shows.

He also says he likes large women, with curves, meat on their bones and all that.

More to Love was a reality game show (or dating game show) that premiered on Fox on July 28, 2009. The show was created by Mike Fleiss (who also created The Bachelor).

Added executive producer Sally Ann Salsano: "Every girl in America feels self-conscious and uncomfortable.Sometimes the dates are group dates with him taking out several women at once, and sometimes they are solo dates, one-on-one.At the end of each series of dates, the bachelor needs to decide who to keep and who to send home. Are you slabs of meat ready to be cooked and eaten?! Other categories included hair color and "bedroom style," and "brains" for good measure. The first round eliminated large swaths of contestants based on a questionnaire they filled out before appearing on-screen; men could be removed because of their "package size," and women could be banished due to the size of their breasts.But if you want sad and uncomfortable on television these days, you're better off just watching the Mets.