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Humor magazine The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern debuted Keggy in 2003, when the college was on the search for a mascot.

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Here’s a look at the 16 most bad-ass mascots in college basketball. Louie the Cardinal, Louisville “Angry Birds” in the flesh, Louie the Cardinal would instantly cause mass destruction to anything he was slingshot toward.He will probably be headed to the theaters in May to have words with whoever failed to cast him in the upcoming animated movie. Rocky the Rocket, Toledo Rocky looks like he just fought off Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd and then teleported back to Zordon.Leave it to the Midwesterners to pay homage to their roots through the grass that gave their earliest students jobs in between football season.Coined as early as 1904, the Shockers are represented by ” a big, bad, muscle-bound bundle of wheat ” and surprisingly this looks even cooler than Mario the Dragon.Hardly anyone has tried to fight the team despite their outlandish antics on the bench. The Billiken looks like one of the monsters that were cut from Monsters Inc. Clearly no stranger to the weight room, Sparty looks like he can take on Captain Cane, The Crusader and Knightro all at the same time.

Sparty is probably a descendant of a Spartan Warrior.His Botox-victim smile and bulging green eyes make me want to either stab him to save my soul or run the hell away.Unless Gladys the Fighting Squirrel has rabies or is chewing on my jugular, I’m not frightened in the least.You see, this all started with a basketball team and an ice hockey team dubbed “the Nads”(as in “Go Nads” at these sporting events). After Scrotie, you should be desensitized enough to college stupidity that Keggy “the anthropomorphic beer keg” isn’t such a shock to you.The basketball team later re-christened themselves “the Balls” for variety, and even later the whole athletic naming devolved (or evolved) into a character created for pumping up crowds at ice hockey games: Scrotie. He invokes a cherished student pastime with a wide, slightly psychotic smile.If not caring what other people think isn’t bad-ass, then I don’t know what is. Wilbur, Arizona This is not your great aunt’s pet cat.