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Kelly (Spears) lusting after underaged girls; Corey Holcomb and Earthquake discuss the Enron scandal and Oscar nominees on Real Motherf******* Talk; Tara Reid guest stars as a homeless single mother on an unfair game show; on Inside the Actors Studio, James Lipton (Sasso) gets hit with a stage light while interviewing Tara Reid; the Pussycat Bijou Theater features X-rated takes on popular pre-movie ads from the 1950s; Robert De Niro (Sasso) and Joe Pesci (Caliendo) use violence to promote various products.The Kappa Kappa Kappa sorority sisters throw a spring festival; Robin Williams (Caliendo) continues his long streak of starring in sappy tearjerkers; Mad TV gets retooled as a Saturday morning cartoon; Insane Clown Posse and Master P perform duets of "Love of My Life"; Greg the Bunny and Dorothy Lanier (Weir) audition for a commercial; MC Hammer (Spears) in a parody of Who Knows the Band; Jenny Jones (Collins) gives a stripper (Fiore) a makeover; a furious boss (Sasso) calms down whenever he is injured.

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When the last cast member is introduced, the music stops and the title sequence ends with the phrase "You are now watching Mad TV." A parody of "Lady Marmalade" featuring four of Mad TVs hottest recurring female characters; in this installment of Blind Date, a naive woman (Collins) goes on a date with disgraced politician Gary Condit (Mc Donald); Al Pacino (Caliendo) and Robert De Niro (Sasso) add star power to the Mariah Carey flop Glitter; Trina Moss (Collins) runs into former flame Jim (Mc Donald); Will Sasso and Alex Borstein conduct red-carpet interviews at the premiere of Rock Star; on Family Feud, Louie Anderson (Sasso) makes the family teams' last names sound racist; a woman watches her pre-wedding video, where her pre-wedding jitters drives her insane.TRL premieres a music video parody of "When It's Over" about MTV abandoning its music videos for sleazy programming; Chris Tucker (Wilson), Sisqó (Spears), Rosie O'Donnell (Borstein), and Kenny Rogers (Sasso) compete on Fear Factor; Craig Kilborn gets his own fan club; in the same vein as George Foreman, Mike Tyson (Spears) promotes his own grill; a man (Mc Donald) tells his girlfriend (Weir) that he passes custom-scented gas; Björk (Borstein) becomes the spokeswoman for K-Mart; Whitney Houston (Wilson) and Bobby Brown (Spears) host a telethon for victims of "celebrity exhaustion," featuring actress Angelina Jolie (Fiore) and singer Brandy.New sitcom has an overly long opening sequence; two princesses (Collins, Weir) fight for the love of Prince William (Killam); two bald, socially awkward outcasts (Mc Donald, Weir) entertain themselves after getting kicked out of a party; Dorothy Lanier (Weir) goes on a date with a senior citizen; Wayne Brady (Spears) sings a ditty about cotton; Lorraine (Collins) jams with a Dixieland band in New Orleans; a couple (Borstein, Sasso) spot Alex Borstein and Will Sasso at a restaurant; Bunifa (Wilson) causes havoc at an airport when she gets detained by security.Melina Kanakaredes dreams that she's stuck in four variations of her show Providence; Walter (Spears) and Amber Hemphill (Collins) are contestants on Change of Heart; a man (Sasso) thinks his friend (Lee) can remove a stain from his silk because he's Asian; Kate (Fiore) whines and complains on her family camping trip; potheads laugh uncontrollably and discuss topics for a news show; a defendant (Mc Donald) uses raunchy words to clear his guilt; a heckling father (Lee) berates his son into winning a baseball game.A parody of "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" features clichéd visual sexual metaphors and a now-legal Britney Spears (Melean); '70s sex ed.

film on what to do if you have VD; celebrities discuss marriage in the modern age on Politically Incorrect; Dot (Weir) searches for her glove in a laundromat; the cast of Jackass joins Kenny Rogers (Sasso) in a series of outrageous stunts on Kenny Rogers' Jackass; a quartet of prisoners (Caliendo, Sasso, Spears, Killam) sings a ditty about recycling at a school.After Nicole Sullivan left at the end of season six, Debra Wilson was the last remaining member of the original cast.Season 6 featured players Andrew Daly and Stephnie Weir were promoted to repertory players.A contestant (Collins) is at the mercy of a probing machine on a dangerous game show; on a special episode of Friends, the gang deals with an African-American girl (Wilson); a parody of "Wherever You Will Go" has Alex Band (Killam) singing off against Scott Stapp (Sasso), Eddie Vedder (Mc Donald), and Ray Charles (Spears); Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama play Jon and Ponch in a parody of CHi Ps; Public Schoolhouse Rock teaches the correct use of nouns; Angela Wright (Weir) films a documentary about male construction workers who sexually harass female passersby; Rusty Miller (Mc Donald) interviews musical guest Shakira; Al Pacino (Caliendo) and Robert De Niro (Sasso) hold up a line in an ice cream shop.Lord of the Blings; a parody of "The World's Greatest" music video has R.The Mad TV logo appears on the screen and the theme song, which is performed by the hip-hop group Heavy D & the Boyz, begins. Starring...," and then alphabetically introduces each repertory cast member, followed by the featured cast.