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For a fuller explanation of both the problem and the workaround, see The draw layer: a metaphysical space.

I am creating a table of Figures based on image captions I have created.

The Table of Contents, List of Figures, and List of Tables entries all use the same heading style, which is Hyperlink.

The problem I am encountering is that neither the List of Figures not eh List of Tables are displaying all the figures and tables in the doucmeutn.

Problem: You updated your List of Figures/Tables and notice that some or all of the entries are missing.

Solution: This is most likely because you inserted your table/figure captions incorrectly within the content of your thesis.Solution: All of your Table of Contents entries need to have the appropriate style associated with them in order to show up properly.To fix this, you need to locate your missing entries in your content and make sure they have the correct style.To get round this you must make the graphic Inline, and then insert the caption.If you need the graphic to behave like a floating object, you then need to select the inline graphic and its caption simultaneously and put them in a frame.Solution: Sometimes Word documents get corrupted for various reasons (something happened during a save, Word crashes, jump drive issues, etc).