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Mac users can pick the .99 edition (equivalent to Deluxe for PCs) for OS 10.3.9 and up.

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This money management tool eliminates the busy register from its prior home page and now opens to a screen with three big boxes displaying money: In, Out, and What's Left.

Rather than focusing on Quicken's budgeting features, which require time to set up, Intuit intends for version 2007 to lets you view a running balance of your finances at all times.

Before I get into a review, let me state that I have ALWAYS been pro-Microsoft.

But, don't waste your money if you have an older version.

Again, if you're brand new to Microsoft Money, I think you'll be satisfied. This might have been OK if Money had asked, but it didn't.

Makes me wonder what else was changed without my approval..."}"I have been a MASSIVE MS-Money fan and user for over 10 years now and loved it - until now.Money is a decent program to keep track of your finances. I would STRONGLY recommend against buying Money 2005. Again, I normally like MS products, but I can promise you this one will be going back to Redmond at their expense (30-day Money Back Guarantee). I have yet to find a Microsoft product I didn't like... Bravo for you (just don't do anything online until they release the second patch (yes, there's already one out) since 2005 is apparently quite broken with respect to about 50% of the institutions it claims to support). As far as I can tell, they've replaced them with a HUGE toolbar (a la MSN Explorer but without the option to resize) and a LOT of white space (the register displays about 30 lines max (on "compressed" view) and runs literally down to the bottom of the screen.)The home page actually displays less information (though it is prettier in a way) and the settings "menu" is a fiasco (again, much like MSN Explorer) with numerous hyperlinks that are not necessarily intuitive. Despite all the monopolizing and heavy-handedness and rushed updates, I have always felt they did more good than harm. I only gave it 2 stars because it still beats paper and pen :)Now, if you're a new user, you probably won't notice anything bad about it and will continue on your merry way.In some other cases, the budgeted amount in a report has no relationship to what was entered, and there's no visible way to correct it.