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The name comes from the root Sanskrit words ‘Sri’ (island) and ‘Lanka’ (venerable).

, dweep, dives – all mean “Island” The name ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ was most befitting to Sri Lanka as it is situated in the crystal blue depths of the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal.

Anuradhapura was the first capital of the Sinhala Kings.

These are brought on by Monsoon winds blowing in from the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.Whether it is a glowing sun tan that you yearn for, or the glorious sight of the hills rising out of the mist, you will have it – somewhere in Sri Lanka.There is a tribe of people living in the Central, Uva and North-Eastern areas of the country called the Veddas or Wanniyala-Aetto, who are possible descendants of the Balangoda Man.Sri Lanka was ruled by a monarchy in ancient times, the Sinha Royal dynasty in particular, which reigned for over 2000 years.There were invasions by the Kalinga kingdom as well.

A momentous happening was the bringing of Buddhism from India in the 3 Century BCE, by a Bhikku named Mahinda, which would greatly impact the future of Sri Lanka.

The longest river is the Mahaweli Ganga, and during the latter part of the last century it was dammed in several places and the water harnessed into large-scale projects.

This area forms a large part of the island’s terrain, and constant soil erosion has wrought many changes in the appearance of this section.

The average temperature is around 27 C, but cool and misty conditions can be found in the hilly areas (approx. May is considered the hottest period as it comes just before the start of the Monsoon rains.

The country is affected by two seasonal monsoons – the south-west monsoon (May – July) where rains are concentrated in the western, southern and central regions, and the north-east monsoon (December & January) bringing rains to the northern and eastern parts.

Furthermore, Daylight Saving Time is currently not observed in Sri Lanka.