New york dating experiment

But instead, i got nothing but a lame night with a girl who i have nothing in common with and a tiny buzz...was decent looking, but was way too stuffy for me.

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Built in 1879 as Valentown Hall, this five-story building is now home to a historical museum housing thousands of artifacts from a bygone era. Spirits have been known to play an old-fashioned music box, move tools about the basement, and appear in front of guests!

Read More Categories: Real Haunted Houses | Real Haunted Museums In the town of Scriba there is a particularly dangerous intersection bearing a two-way stop hidden behind a large hill.

Three ghostly women are said to guard the cemetery, generally moving from the hill towards the grounds’...

Read More Categories: Real Haunted Cemeteries Prior to turning into an apartment complex, it was a resort that overlooked Mt. The property burned down when it caught on fire and since then there have been stories told of it being home to spirits.

John’s Burial Grounds, a name which stuck for over one hundred years.

The graveyard would later be rumored to be haunted, as vandalism ran rampant across the site.

The property became a location for cult activities and satanic activities, thus resulting in the name "Satan's Trail." There are those who claim they've seen the ghost of...

Read More Categories: Real Haunted Places Letchworth Village was a psychiatric hospital constructed in 1911 which, at its peak, consisted of over 130 buildings.

Due to the area’s poor visibility, there have been many car accidents at this intersection; sadly, more than a few of those crashed have been fatal.