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Tim Cook and his team did not go over the new Reproductive Data on stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.However, developers who already received the i OS 9 update have reported the new feature exists.Users will also be able to enter information on whether protection was used, dates and times.

A simple swipe from the left also brings up the menu section, where an array of topics are available for the user to pick out one that interests them.

Besides Material Design, the update added a widget of The New York Times app.

Open i Tunes and go to i Tunes Store under Store along the left menu bar.

A new update to The New York Times Crossword app for Windows and Windows Phone includes over 20 years worth of puzzles – that’s more than 9,000 puzzles to challenge you!

Along with the Reproductive Data update, the i OS 9 update's new features include the News App, a new Notes toolbar and the Transit feature on the Maps App.

The i OS 9 update was released to developers Monday and a public beta will be available in July.Soon you'll not only be able to track your workouts at the gym, but also the ones in bed.Apple's i OS 9 update will add a new feature to the Health App under "Health Data." The new feature titled "Reproductive Data" will track exactly how often, when and how the user has sex.When the i Phone reboots the waiting icons should continue to load and install normally, assuming your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is working properly. internet works fabulous, my iphone works great, its only the ipad. Go to app store on the phone: you will see the apps are on hold(what normally is the update button). Open i Tunes and go to i Tunes Store under Store along the left menu bar. When an i Phone application has a grey icon and says it's waiting, normally the app will quickly change to loading and then installing as it continues the process of downloading and installing to your device. What can I do to fix this and not giving any information on the billing information on my i Phone 6s.