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Your customers, she told them, will be virtually indistinguishable from yourselves: strivers, alone in the city, separated from love by “three towering mountains”—no money, no time, and no connections.

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She was nothing like the other Web entrepreneurs I’ve come to know in China.

For one thing, the top ranks of Chinese technology are dominated by men.

It turns out that the collision of love, money, and choice has been bewildering for all involved.

I came to the subject of online dating after noticing, among Chinese friends in Beijing, the proliferation of choices of all kinds, none more specific and personal than the choice of someone else. The tablet edition has additional features, including an English translation of the questionnaire administered by China’s leading dating service.) Among the interesting sources I encountered is one, in particular, that seems to confirm that there is no longer any topic that has escaped the attention of researchers somewhere at some point or another: The scholars Fred Rothbaum and Bill Yuk-Piu Tsang, in the mid-nineties, dissected the lyrics of eighty Chinese and American pop songs to map the subtle differences in the way that songwriters in each language defined love and its consequences.

And, unlike others who glimpsed the potential of the Internet in China, she didn’t speak fluent English. She’d grown up on a farm, and her voice trembled before crowds.

She was five feet three, with narrow shoulders, and when she talked about her business I got the feeling that she was talking about herself.

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