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You may as well have publically declared your enthusiasm for collecting Furbies. Brunch date: Means they're either a keeper or a hipster. Lesbian stories: Coming in top at the list of "bizarre and potentially questionable stuff that we say anyway to impress men", lesbian stories are modern flirty conversation starters. Post-coital Linked In request: No more sneaky after-sex smokes. You'll know which if small potted plants start breeding in your bathroom. "It's, uh, for my contacts ..." If we have their last name, we will Facebook stalk them. I have a boyfriend, sorry: What we say when we're not interested but know you won't take our word for it. Just because you saw it online does not mean I'm doing that: No, seriously. It's a way of saying, "I'm cool, modern and pleasantly open-minded. For the modern health and career conscious lover, the Linked In follow is the new Lucky Strike. If you'd walked into a certain bar's toilets last night, you would have found me shouting insults in Russian into my cellphone. I realised afterwards that I needed a slightly more sophisticated response for the next time it happened.

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Accidentally sharing your ex's photo on Facebook while you were Facebook stalking them: Dear God. You want seven different types of jewel tone jars for keeping pasta in. It's the new, post-GFC equivalent of buying a Porsche. If it comes off, you're super cool and progressive. You may as well have brought your pet garden gnome on the date. This may be 2015 but things haven't changed that much. You can find her at or bulk buying cereal in Pak n Save. As confusing as it may be, it's largely irrelevant. Avoid the whole charade by either buying alternate rounds of drinks or running, shrieking, from the restaurant at the sight of the bill. When she's not Googling diseases she's performing comedy, writing bad jokes and nursing a failed career as an Rn B singer.Plus our founders met online many moons ago, so we know what we're doing.And even though we're still learning and getting better at what we do every day, one of the key things everyone here is hot on is making sure your time with us is as fun, safe and successful as possible. At each event, you will meet between 5 to 10 people of the opposite gender.