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To join a public chat room without an invitation, right-click the Rooms section header and select Public Rooms. If another user invites you to join a chat room from a task record, you receive an email notification.To join the chat: To chat with other users that have joined the conversation, enter your message in the text field at the bottom of the window and press Enter.When the pointer changes shape, drag the window to the desired size. When the pointer changes shape, drag the window anywhere on your chat desktop.To close a chat window, click the X in the upper right corner.A lack of interest just won’t make a great impression on the people you are chatting with.

Simply enjoy the experience and make the most of your chatting experience.To change your status: To start a chat with one user in your favorites list, double-click the user's name or right-click and select Send Message. To start a chat with multiple users from the chat desktop (requires access rights): When another user starts a chat by sending a message to you, a chat window opens on your chat desktop. If another user invites you to join a chat room, an invitation () appears in your favorites list. A window opens that displays the room name, room description, and the name of the user who invited you.To start a chat with one available user, double-click the user's name on the online users list. To rejoin a favorite chat room that you have left, click the chat room name in the Rooms section of the favorites list.Even people with very little knowledge of computers can start chatting right away.It is very straightforward to register on our site and start meeting hundreds or interesting people that share your interests.Who knows you might just meet the love of your life or just a friendly partner to hang out with online from time to time. You can choose to join private conversations or join a group for added fun.