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Depending on the situation, use your Flamespitter to clear a wave to push or use it for harass.

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Basically the magic number you should maintain in lane.50 Heat allows you to cast all your spells before overheating, which gives you the chance to dish out extra damage with auto attacks as you're silenced - your abilities were on cooldown anyway. Try to use The number you absolutely do NOT want to have before a fight, or in lane.To give a short description, 50 heat brings you into the "Danger Zone" which grants your abilities bonus stats, while hitting 100 heat gives you bonus attack damage but silences you.HEAT: Rumble gains 20 / 10 Heat every time he uses a basic ability, and loses 10 Heat per second after 4 seconds of not using his abilities, increased to 20 Heat per second 2.5 seconds after.As you last-hit, there really is no need to use the Flamespitter and should the need arise, you have to turn the Flamespitter away from the minions to prevent them from being damaged, which prevents your lane from being pushed.

Watch the enemy champion's health trickle down as you harass and turn away etc.It seriously makes or breaks your skirmishes/teamfights, which is why it deserves its own chapter.Read on for the other abilities before moving on to the next chapter.ACTIVE: Rumble calls down a line of rockets down the target path which remains for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage every second to all enemies within and slowing them by 35%.The Equalizer can be fired in any direction from any point within range.This means that teamfights in the jungle favours Rumble greatly.