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We hope that girls can come away from this book and feel like they've had a conversation with us, and that we have been able to encourage them, like we've been encouraged by other young ladies in our area, and among our friends and even our parents.

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We want them to think about whether or not they believe a guy they're dating would be a good father to their children. In our book we've compiled, along with our parents, a list of qualities that would be vitally important in a marriage relationship. These are questions that you do need to think about. How does he treat his family – his siblings or his mom? However he treats his mom or his sister is how he's going to treat his wife someday.

We include such things as: Is he a man who is slow to anger? We try to help young ladies to take a look, stop and see and not just say, "This guy is being really sweet to me, and I just love him so much." But really, you need to stop and think and know that before you go any further with courting or dating a person, you need to consider some of the guidelines that you want to have down for a potential partner or a potential spouse.

Therefore, not letting little things build up, but taking care of offenses right away.

Whether it's sibling relationships, or as friends, or as parents, you don't want to let those things stay or blow up and get angry or use the silent treatment with people, because those things will build up a wall between you and that person.

We want to give everyone a ray of hope, especially teenagers.

CP: Each chapter of the books deals with different types of relationships, and you also deal with the issue of forgiveness.Taking the initiative on your part, as a young lady, and going to that person not in anger, but in a considerate manner and talking with them if you've been offended.Put that fire out before it grows bigger in your own heart and makes you bitter toward that friend or family member.Would you like to explain why Christians are called to forgive their friends and family members?Jill: I know that it's very important to forgive and not harbor bitterness.Our parents have encouraged us, since we were little, to be each other's best friend.