Online lesbian dating ads

Unlike most other high-end sites where both members must pay to communicate fully, we only require that one member in a conversation have a premium membership.

Now, how does that have anything to do with why your photos are not yet showing up and/or approved? That’s just putting you off with one fast click from their customer service department.Lavender Womyn Personals prides itself on great and fast customer service.We truly attempt to get to the bottom of each request and help our members the best we can.We’re real people behind the scenes and you will feel it.Our company laughs each time we hear a site advertise “We have more marriages than any other online dating site.” or “We have millions of members and successful relationships.” Yeah, right! How possibly could they know how many successful relationships or marriages their site helps produce?

Do they call everyone of their members on a monthly basis?We strongly disagree with these strategies and believe these practices are highly unethical.Unfortunately, there are a significant number of sites that do create fake profiles in order to mislead you into believing someone simply incredible wants to get to know you – thereby enticing you to purchase a paid membership.Why would you want to belong to an online dating site whose core function is being a search engine and a platform for corporations to create mass marketing plans? Lavender Womyn Personals is a company whose core focus and product is online communities. Be careful with supplying your e-mail address on other sites! At other sites, your e-mail address is as much an asset as your premium membership.With your e-mail address, they can sell it, trade it, and profit from it – all while a ton of junk mail piles up in your inbox. At Lavender Womyn Personals, we do not SPAM, trade, sell, or distribute your e-mail address (or any other personally identifiable data) to other individuals or organizations.As a member in our network, you can find members within your specific interest or expand your search to reach a wide range of other interests.