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The source also revealed that they “often shared hotel rooms” while promoting their movie around the globe. is absolutely false.” Well, all I can say is that I’m awesome & that I told you so. I feel kinda bad for the poor Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson, but come on- Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson would be the cutest possible couple. It’s still too bad, another one bites the dust.Interestingly & refreshingly, a representative for Hudson did not deny the affair when contacted by US Weekly, sating they had and “no comment.” Wilson’s lawyer, however, went with a different approach, “(Anything) that suggests that the separation of Ms.

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How Do You Know is a comedy from Academy Award-winning writer-director James L.Brooks (As Good As It Gets, Broadcast News, Terms of Endearment), starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson.co-star Owen Wilson are reportedly an item & that Wilson may have contributed to Hudson’s & Chris Robinson’s separation.On Monday Kate Hudson announced that she was separating from her Black Crowes husband Robinson after six years of holy matrimony. According to god, I mean US Weekly magazine, Kate & Owen kept things under wraps during the filming of the romantic comedy , but became romantic when doing press for the movie.Just before hooking up with Matty, Lisa goes on an odd blind date with George (Paul Rudd), a businessman about to be indicted for securities fraud.

George is entirely innocent of the charges, and he suspects he's being set up by his father, Charles (Jack Nicholson), the unscrupulous head of the company.I would've loved a few more details about the behind-the-scenes world of a pro pitcher—and at least a glimpse of one of Matty's actual games in progress—but during a moment when Lisa watches a tape of him pitching and murmurs, "Good mechanics," I believe they're two jocks talking shop.Witherspoon and Wilson are at the top of their comic form.(Columbia Pictures) is at least as interesting as the movie itself.Critics have chosen sides on this big, glossy, star-filled romantic comedy: For one camp, it's "a sloppy, sluggish production" that's "wan and disconnected from anything that feels like real life." For the other side, those defects become assets.Kathryn Hahn, in a small role as George's pregnant ex-secretary, gives a performance that's a little too outsized for the movie—then redeems herself in a shamelessly sappy hospital scene that somehow, against all odds, works.