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Please contact your college if you require any further information.

Oxford does not participate in UCAS Clearing, Extra or Adjustment.

You may not know which college this is until after the A-level results are confirmed in August.If you have not met all the conditions of your offer (for example if you have not achieved the required grades) your college will make a final decision regarding your offer once all A-level results have been confirmed in August.Your place will be confirmed when you have completed your qualifications and if you have satisfied the conditions of the offer.For details of typical offers for your course, please see the Entrance Requirements tab on the relevant course page."The problem is that no one has really come up with a better way to serve these needs that everyone has, from college students to young professionals. Why wouldn't we use these tools that we have to help us?

" Alexa compared online dating to writing a book with Microsoft Word as opposed to a typrwriter.This means that there are no further academic conditions for you to meet, and your place is guaranteed so long as you complete all the necessary administrative steps.If you get an open offer, your place at Oxford is guaranteed (as long as you meet any conditions attached to the offer and complete the necessary administrative steps).Date Harvard SQ Matches are also being formed on Date Harvard SQ, a website created by Harvard Business School alumni Beri Meric and Philipp Triebel after they "realized that all too often, our friends, classmates and alumni were sacrificing romance for their education and careers." Meric and Triebel are hard at work to ensure that students no longer have to make this sacrifice.Ivy Date The duo created a second website, Ivy Date, to allow love-searching students to get in touch with current students and alumni at the eight Ivy League schools, as well as MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics.Offers can be made by a particular college or may be 'open' (not made by a specific college). You may receive a conditional offer if you have not yet completed all your current qualifications.