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The press release for the exhibition summarised "Bad" Painting as ‘…an ironic title for ‘good painting’, which is characterized by deformation of the figure, a mixture of art-historical and non-art resources, and fantastic and irreverent content. 1934) or Philip Guston (1913–1980), the fantasy of later Honoré Sharrer (1920–2009).In its disregard for accurate representation and its rejection of conventional attitudes about art, ‘bad’ painting is at once funny and moving, and often scandalous in its scorn for the standards of good taste.’ Her use of quotation marks around "Bad" points to this special meaning. Some further condition was obviously at work in her criterion.She curated an exhibition of the same name, featuring the work of fourteen artists, most unknown in New York at the time, at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.The exhibition ran from January 14 to February 28, 1978. On paper, Tucker’s criterion for "Bad" Painting is rather generous, allowing merely that “The artists whose work will be shown have discarded classical drawing modes in order to present a humorous, often sardonic, intensely personal view of the world”.Nor can the difference rest purely upon technique, since paintings may be high or low-art.

Yet, comics as a source, along with other commercial illustration cited, surely separates “Bad” Painting from earlier Expressionism and Surrealism, surely picks out a crucial trait across this otherwise disparate group.

After all, the critics don’t usually stumble upon art without some prompting.5) Venue. I love your painting and I love your photography as well! Validation is truly the underappreciated driver in so much of what we do—underappreciated because somehow being completely self-sufficient and avoiding any acknowledgment of our interdependence have become fashionable.

When a beginning artist finds any space willing to display her-his art, it means something. Thank you for posting such lovely pictures along with your insightful blog. I think it’s a rare individual (non-artist) who really understands how necessary your list is to those of us who create art.

"Bad" Painting was not a demonstration of technical incompetence, poor artistic judgement, amateur or outsider dabbling, the term is commonly used for these. But this alone would simply permit work with Expressionist or Surrealist tendencies, not to say caricature, styles already well established within a canon of good taste.

For Tucker, it denoted a more focused or deliberate disrespect for recent styles. In practice though, Tucker’s criterion is much stricter, and excludes for example, the established Expressionism of a Leon Golub (1922–2004) or Jack Levine (1915–2010), the caricature of a Peter Saul (b.

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