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The deluge of water and poo began to flood the bathroom floor of the state room. The poor poor poor attendant on my level came running to my aid. Springing into action, the attendant ran back out into the hallway and ripped a panel off of the wall. Although likely some sort of alloy, the valve appeared to be the most shimmering platinum I had ever seen. My prize…cleaning 2 inches of water and shit off of my state room bathroom floor in seemingly 90 degree heat with a raging hangover with a bottle of bleach and an empty beer box for an hour while 15 of my friends enjoyed Coronas and girls in bikinis by the pool. South San Francisco when I got constipated for my first time as a child, I was so confused why it was stuck there. So time passes and she ends up going away to Mexico for vacation and we hang out as soon as she gets back.Next, I did the only thing I could do, ran into the hallway and yelled “help! I said “I clogged the toilet and it is overflowing in the bathroom…it’s really bad in there”. I look back now and laugh, but that was the most terrified I had been in my life. We spent the night together, and in the morning, I found it difficult to make love.The stories here are submitted by writters like yourselves. All the true stories on this site have "(TRUE)" written after the title.However stories that have a "(TRUE)" after it, we don't verify or check to make sure the story is in fact true.He looked me in the eyes with fear and loathing, “it’s bad? (Often the case in the morning; must be low blood sugar or something).

So I find myself really having to vigorously go at it this one morning, all rough and crazy.Soon she starts to moan, and I’m thinking “Awesome! But of course, right then she notices and turns around and freaks out. I ended up just hopping in the shower to rinse off everything. Never got to bust a nut though “Vegas Vacation” By J. San Diego Two friends and myself go to Vegas for friend number 1’s ( let’s call him L ) 21st Birthday and happen to borrow an SUV from someone for more room and whatnot for the ride over. So, I spent the rest of the day hunting with no socks in the tree stand.” And as were fucking and fucking, I feel her squirt all over. Friend number 2 is driving( let’s call him G ) and upon arrival to the start of the strip L makes it clear that he really has to drop a deuce. Who cares about parallel parking now, just get in the spot, cars can go around you!!! I run to the car, and there, stuck on the pile of my entire India trip is my ID. “Burning Man” By Michaelangelo San Francisco A mind full of mushrooms and a mile beyond the temple, in the deep playa beyond human reach, it hit me like a bag of bricks in the gut.:) Click on the name of the stories below to read them.The date after the story is the date the story was added to the site.Evidently I used “a little” too much TP, and when I flushed, the water began to rise with a chocolate mouse pile on top. After telling her what my situation was, she asked what she could do to help me. ” And I’ve never lived it down to the ripe age of 30something.