Passionnate dating

She's living on this earth as her own person in her own body and carving out her own space, and she's looking to share it with people who can appreciate her for who she really is. She wants you to be her partner in the world which is full of friends, restaurants, concert halls, countries and little spots that she only likes to visit alone.You and she will share your lives, but you'll never be "her whole life" Adulthood teaches us that there are times when two good people meet and aren't a great match, and that's OK.She has a passion for journalism as well, and writes about all things health and wellness.

When we find the right partners, we will be more loving than any other sign imaginable.We are devoted to you, protective of you and admire the romantic gestures that make us weak in the knees. When it comes to dating, we are either in it for the long haul, or we’re not going to waste our time.She's not interested in what "most people" do because she knows that "most people" aren't living authentic, happy lives.She's looking for someone who doesn't want to do the same thing 1,000 times, who doesn't confuse "relaxation" with "laziness," and who doesn't want to exist, but actually live.This isn't high school, so she will expect you to be polite and not peacock around if someone from her past is at the same party. There isn't one among us who isn't uncertain now and then, and a good partner will make time to talk things through.

That's much different than constantly having to reassure a partner that you like them/love them/care/are trustworthy, which is exhausting.We’re power players, and we’re constantly persevering. In order to be a part of our lives, you have to believe in our dreams, too.If you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen. We have heightened senses of intuition, and we always trust our instincts. Our water sign may depict the depth of our love; we naturally have a high capacity for affection.When we do commit, our loyalty is stronger than anything. Break your loyalty to a Cancer, and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.Stefani Pappas, RDN, CPT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the founder of Stef Health Tips®. If you are courageous enough to begin a relationship with a Cancer, there are certain things you have to expect. Bring your sympathy to the table, and you’re okay in our books. Mess with anyone we consider family, and you’re on our bad list.