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20th and 25th anniversary edition production models feature updated and stylized versions of this standard inlay.A very small percentage of maple trees cut in North America are actually figured.Smith set up a limited partnership with his wife Barbara and business man Warren Esanu, and set up a factory in Virginia Avenue, Annapolis.

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PRS guitars feature three original bridge designs: a one-piece pre-intonated stoptail, vibrato, and wrapover tailpiece.The Vibrato was designed with the help of guitar engineer John Mann.In 1998 an electronic upgrade kit was released for pre-1993 instruments which included, lighter weight tuner buttons, nickel-plated brass screws for saddles and intonation, a simulated tone control, and a high capacitance hook up wire. The incorrect assumption was even published in the PRS Book.PRS produce a large range of models in the SE series including the Custom 24, SE245, SE Kestrel & Kingfisher bass guitars as well as signature guitars such as the Bernie Marsden, Tremonti, Zach Myers & Santana amongst others.Currently the S2 lineup has a Standard 22, 24 and Singlecut, the Custom 22, 24 and 22 Semi-hollow, Singlecut and Singlecut Semi-hollow, Starla, Mira and Mira Semi-hollow. In 1995, PRS began producing highly customized versions of the guitars dubbed, "Guitars of the Month." Each featured select ultra-grade woods and custom finishes.

In 1996, PRS released the first "Private Stock" guitar.

At first there were eight workers taking up one third of the building which they shared with a furniture-stripping shop.

After three years PRS had taken over most of the building, with 45 people producing 15 guitars every day, and as time progressed a separate woodshop was added.

According to their website, to make "10-Top" status, a PRS top must have "clearly defined figure across its entire top with no 'dead' spots".

As such, the term "10 Top" refers to specimens of maple with distinctive and notable figure, as opposed to a specific grade of timber.

However, since the 1990s they have expanded production to Asia, where they manufacture the more affordable 'SE' line of instruments.