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Hello everyone, Favorite activities include walking at our zoos, movies, botanical gardens, visiting city parks, travel, trying other recreational activities that are new to me and watching a good movie at home.

Hi there I'm from Germany, and would like to make female friends here from all over the world.

In my free time I like watching movies / series, playing games or going for walks in a forest and photography.

Also I'm busy studying in the IT field :) Hope to hear from you all soon ;) Hello, Pen pals wanted from everywhere!

Love writing to people..and location not a problem. P S I am happily married, so pen pals only, please. Well my friends in a recent poll said that I am relaxed and easy-going, I know how to make them smile and cheer them up which must be a good thing I am also loyal, honest and gregarious, I am an easy going sort of man who does not take himself seriously, can be quiet but once you get to know me I never shut up he-he, thoughtful, respectful reliable, and honesty are a few of my good points people would say. I love football,swimming,walking and the occasional hiking.i don't like being made a fool of so plzzzzz be truthfull to me.i really don't care how awkward ,geekish, crazy u are once u fit my requirement and plus i love goofy crazy peeps so this is me hollar:-) .i just wanna meet new friends am tired of lies and disappointments.

I find it hard to make friends in person, so hoping here will give me an edge and a boost.

(Though I wouldn't say I'm a great person...) ------------...I am looking for someone who wants to be long term friends. so, yes, I am still learning english but all I am looking for here is to have some friends and a nice chat. I'm here precisely looking for honest and trustworthy people to chat with,know each other and become friends......I do not want anyone From the UK as I want to learn more about other people and countries. I won't ask you to correct my english ( I know it could be a heavy task for some) but if you can do that, that's okay for me. Caution,dishonest people and all Scammers in general just don't even dare waste your time and energy trying to sway me in order to get some money illegally.....I have many other interests though and I'll chat about almost anything. Need people who understand I have a life and don't spend every second of every day on my emails and don't expect extremely quick replies as well as the fact that I hardly have an exciting Am very young at heart and I sure don't feel like 61. I am also finishing my A-levels studying Business and English Language so please excuse if I do start going all Prescriptivist on you.It's sometimes easier to share emotions on paper than in person, and a letter can fee like a safe place to express hopes and dreams.