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He is placed on the Killer Bass, where his mean, aggressive behavior makes many afraid of him.

In Basic Straining, Duncan spends most of his time pranking Harold or provoking Chef Hatchet instead on focusing on the challenge at hand.

Courtney tries to make sure he doesn't get into trouble, though Duncan teases her that she is doing it because she likes him, much to her frustration.

Such moments displaying this side of him include finding a new bunny for his friend DJ after Geoff loses the first one, carving his and Courtney's initials on wood, and defending Lindsay after she is betrayed by Heather.

Some quality time with Harold also makes him consider ending his feud with him after so long, though this does not come to fruition.

As the season progresses, Courtney continues to reject him and even kicks him in the groin at one point.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Duncan, along with DJ and Geoff, prank Harold after he continues to leave his dirty clothes in the cabin, in the end leading Harold to promise never to leave his clothes on the floor again. , Courtney discover that Duncan found a new bunny for DJ, after Geoff loses the first one.

Duncan also loves to make fun of the other contestants and pull several pranks on them, with Harold being his main victim (later intensifying it due to a certain move Harold made in Total Drama Island).

He considers himself as being "straight with people", rarely pretending to be what he isn't.

As a result, he has been shown to either get along with or make fierce enemies with his fellow competitors, although it is more than often the latter.

Despite his mean attitude and demeanor, Duncan is actually a good person at heart, although he will never admit it to anyone else.

As a way to express his feelings for a girl he likes, Duncan uses his knife to either carve her name or her face or protect her during challenges.