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Unless you’ve been overseas or under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Showtime series that’s been running this summer about polyamory. For those of you also in this position, I’ve been told that it’s possible to view online, but I don’t know if that’s legal, so I won’t make any recommendations. 😉 For those who just want to check the reactions of the poly community to this sensation, Jessica Karels of Modern Poly has done some really good reviews of the series. Drew, and some interesting commentary about that showed up in the Poly Weekly podcast. Of course, whether polyamory and adultery are the same thing certainly depends on your point of view, and it probably goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that I don’t share that point of view.I haven’t seen it yet (though a friend in So Cal has sent me some disks of the first three episodes–sweet! ;^) Someone in our local poly community (thanks, Ellen Nichols!The household joke is that me "writing the review" is an excuse to watch softcore poly-porn ;)"A review of the show by Team Triad, "three lovely people who love each other..love to talk."The Black Leather Belt is a poly gal who's posting satirical but detailed recaps of all three episodes so far (with quotes) — because "you see, children, on the West Coast they have Tantra.

But that many couples underestimate the harm they can inflict on each other when they underestimate the hurt feelings that come with jealousy. ;^) Most [mono] therapists fail to allow for the fact that some people don’t experience jealousy at all, and that for those that do, it’s quite possible to learn how to use the data provided by the jealous feelings, without harming each other at all.Both agreed that the 2 couples on the show seemed to have above-average communication skills, and that’s something that is needed to make this work. The problem is not the jealousy itself–feelings are just feelings.A writer at the feminist is fascinated and freaked and wants Jen to run away.In Trenton, New Jersey, a newspaper columnist stuck in old culture freaks out completely.It can help a lot, for instance, to redefine “relationship success” away from duration monogamy, and toward things like the fulfillment and happiness of each partner overall. Is this the harbinger of an impending tidal wave of information about polyamory? How “out” are YOU willing to be about who and how many you love?

I’m glad you found the show to be pretty good overall, though. Wishing you all the best in love and life, PS: Check my sidebar to the right for a link to a page that can help you diagnose jealous feelings in your relationship!Polyamory focuses on how these complex relationships work through carefully laid boundaries between each person.Though this sometimes causes the show to drag in places, there's still that "LOOK HOW WEIRD FACTOR" keeping you glued to the screen. Kamala Devi and her crew also recently appeared on Dr. To no one’s surprise, of course, the rhetoric and framing about poly is not always favorable to those of us who identify as polyamorous. Drew ads, for instance, framed polyamory as being equivalent to “adultery”: Polyamory: when adultery is the order of the day Tonight on the Dr Drew Show: It’s been called “shocking,” “titillating” and “cringe-inducing” — Showtime’s new series called “Polyamory: Married and Dating” — real-life couples that seek relationships with other lovers. Drew asks them how they make their lifestyle work in a world built for monogamy. Look in the archives from July through August to find earlier ones). No doubt about it, the Showtime series has stirred up controversy and increased awareness about polyamory.It runs the now-indispensable Poly Group Registry of local discussion/ social/ support groups (go add yours if it's not there already), is building a stable of regular high-quality writers, and recently incorporated as a 501(c)4 nonprofit, one that is allowed to engage in political activity.