Problems with women dating younger men Free horny chatting in south africa

From salt-and-pepper George Clooneys to silver-fox Harrison Fords, young women are swooning over smooth older men more than ever.

Even if the younger man is very successful, it takes some maturity to handle the success, and adding an older woman to the mix may be too much.An older woman is really going to be looking for stability, which is something that it may take a younger, successful man a while to develop.A lot will depend upon the number of years of difference with which you are dealing.It is really a small thing if there is two or three years difference in age, but if you are talking 15 to 20 years difference, the disparity can be striking.Less Baggage This lack of relationship experience can also translate into men have less emotional baggage to bring into a relationship.

The less baggage there is introduced in a relationship, the more room there is for people to grow within it.

Having said all of that, this is not to say that such a relationship cannot work, but the odds that the problems with dating older women for the younger man will result in a long-lasting relationship are slim indeed.

It can also be said that just a few years difference in age is not the problem, but the more years of difference will become more difficult the wider the spread of years.

Some of the reasons may also involve romance as well as certain characteristics that women look for in men. Enthusiasm Some women see younger men as having more enthusiasm when it comes to relationships.

It seems that the lack of relationship experience in younger men is something that most women find valuable to a certain point.

In dating, just like in many other aspects of life, people have developed a preconceived notion that somehow has become what is considered as the norm.