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Will try out the steps again with both the Vodafone sims (prepaid and contract) and report back here.

As listed in the original post by Jordan, this device is supposed to support up to 9 devices, how the spec on the box from Telstra states only 5 devices.

So it would seem to be the easiest/cheapest to buy one off ebay pre unlocked.I'd be interested in knowing about this as well (I opened a new thread about this a while ago but no one seems to have any answer yet: /forum-replies.cfm? I came across the R212 devices in the UK – they look like the E5372T, but I'm not sure if they identical: anyone try to access Vodafone LTE with this E5372T modem after unlocking, its not latching/registering to the LTE Network and only hooks to 3G. set the network to auto If I did not do step 2, it seemed to never hop "up" to 4G – I waited about 5 mins.Also she does not need to worry about charging the unit if it is always USB connected.This unit is basically an updated "Vodafone wifi pro" as you describe it – both are Huawei – but this has a bigger battery and 4G/LTE, and 5Ghz Wifi.Depending on which 800 MHz band it supports, there will be others.

From an Australian perspective, the lack of B40 limits its usefulness on Optus. Edit – I suspect the 800 MHz LTE band covered by the Huawei E5372T is B6.Some Sierra 760S units sold by Telstra also cover that band, but mine doesn't. It's a pretty nice little thing – bit chunkier and cheaper-looking than the MF91, but a hell of a lot faster. This is the thing thats holding me back from buying new LTE Wifi modems – universal network support (in Australia) Perhaps I've just been spoilt with all those 3G 850/900/2100 Pocket Wifi 2's I got for .50 years back From the second link by OP it brings up this....They come with a 1A USB charger, but I accidentally plugged mine into a 500m A charger. I guess feeding a 3560m Ah battery with a 500m A charger will do that to you (nearly 8 hours to charge I guess).Note to self: ditch that 500m A charger which looks almost identical (and don't charge from computer USB ports).Looks like Telstra is ditching the ZTE MF91 in favor of this device, looks good.