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Aalia is simply breathtaking in her dance numbers and proves that she had no equal in the club dancing stakes in the early 70’s, the pre Ishrat Chaudhary days.Shahid impresses in his debut role and the supporting cast does well with Lehri excelling.When all appears lost and Shahid arrives at his Grandmother footsteps to beg forgiveness for his errors and to allow her the satisfaction of saying I told you so.

Will Shahid be able to secure the blessings of Sabiha and rescue his bride from the clutches of the serial rapist Aslam Parvez, or will is it too late and the cancer of western debauchery spread too far into the system for any redemption at this stage.The films strength is in the bombastic performances of Sabiha Khanum as the prophet of doom matriarch and also by Rani who is excellent as the sacrificed woman (her forte).Unfortunately for Shahid, he has his fabulous Beatle look (hairstyle) ruined by kill joy Sabiha but he stands committed to club land.The rustic Rani takes to trying to please her husband by following him to the club but she is like a fish out of water in that debauched westernized, modern environment where the likes of Aslam Parvez are on the prowl for fresh chicken meat.When Shahid returns from his stint abroad he appears to have changed because having force his wife into the clubbing, debauched westernized life style he now appears to have turned a new leaf or become a born again as now he frowns on the club and his wife’s modern, western ways.

There is a moment of heavy symbolism when Shahid catches the sight of a Barbie doll on the mantel piece…dressed in a sleeveless seductive dress, then a moment later we are shown a Barbie that is properly dressed in accordance to eastern values, head dutifully covered under a black dupatta.These shallow souls fritter their time away indulging in such heathen debauchery as celebrating New Year’s Eve or throwing obscene Birthday parties and calling each other darling a lot!Sabiha feels she is about to kick the bucket and decides to marry simpleton Rani off to Javed, a nephew who is studying in the heathen lands.The Club is the centre point of social activity and the family visit with religious regularity, bugging out on the dance-floor till the wee hours of the morning much to the disgust of Rani who is a bit of a kill joy like her grandmother.Aalia known as Baby is a dazzler on the dance floor and even tubby Tamanna jigs out on occasion.A feature of the film’s success was the hit music composed by Nisar Bazmi (lyrics by Saifudin Saif) and especially the song Misr Ka Bazaar (which the censors had changed to Husn ka Bazaaras the government felt it would offend Egyptian sensibilities) which became anthem like in its popularity.