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Rannvijay and Priyanka Vohra were friends and dated each other before they decided to tie the knot.The star VJ was successful in maintaining this relationship and in mid 2014 the couple got married.

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Due to her introvert nature, there is no source to gather the information about Priyanka Vohra date of birth and so, Rannvijay Singh wife age cannot be exactly Priyanka Vohra nationality is Indian and in anytime soon when we’ll be able to look at Priyanka Vohra wiki, this shall be confirmed.

Along with this, Priyanka Vohra height and details about Priyanka Vohra parents will also be known in a short while if and when she decides to be a part of film fraternity. Her looks and appearance would confuse you to guess if she is a foreigner or Indian.

Wiki Priyanka Vohra has been spotted alongside Rannvijay at many events after their marriage.

The Roadies anchor has posted pictures of their honeymoon and the latest trip to Japan which shows that how much in love the couple really is.

wiki Priyanka Vohra London is the city in which she completed her education.

The love story between Priyanka vohra and Rannvijay was kept very secretive.

There are many pictures of the VJ’s wife online on various internet websites which shows that she has the features and the elegance comparable to that of celebrities.

She has a toned physique which adds to her attractiveness.

wiki Priyanka vohra wiki is the wife of actor and VJ, Rannvijay Singh.

The famous MTV roadies host wife is a London based woman and Rannvijay Singh romance with Priyank vohra has been in news for quite a while now. This biography will cover Rannvijay Singh girlfriend (Wiki)Priyanka Vohra bio data, which now is his wife and many other aspects of their relationship.

Although Rannvijay Singh wife Priyanka Vohra biography has nothing much to talk about her professional career, but there’s a lot more about her that we must discuss.