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I just felt the topic was universal -- the subject matter crosses all boundaries.

Whether you are white, black, whatever ethnicity, male, female, adult, child, everyone has love, loss, and wishing to love again, whatever the case may be. I didn't know it would do as well, as fast as it's doing, but it's got a fire underneath it, so that's good.

The webloid claims it can “officially confirm” that the duo are “back together,” suggesting that the relationship is more than just a physical one.“The two were spotted getting cozy at Meek Mills’ Grammy party this past weekend.” In the past, Nelly has had issues deciding between the two women, reports.A year later, Nelly exclusively told Us Weekly that he was single.(Nelly has a daughter, Chanel, 21, and a son, Cornell, 16, from a previous relationship.) During the daytime talk show, Ashanti got even more personal when she spoke about a man who's been stalking her since 2003.US: Can you tell Us a little bit about your collection for Macy's?

N: The whole look for the fall was more of an international travel vibe, so to speak, and it was definitely influenced by more of a European style.

First, he was holding hands with on-off girlfriend Ashanti at T. and Tiny's Miami nuptials in July (To be fair, her rep was quick to point out they're "still friends."). They all put you in a certain mind and certain state, so it's not like one is better than the other.

Then, out of nowhere, he stormed the Billboard Top Ten singles chart with the surprisingly emotive "Just A Dream." met up with the St. It's just one may influence you differently than another. N: My inspiration for this album was basically geared inside me. Some people like to call it 'the big comeback album' or redeeming yourself or something like that, which I don't understand because had 5 previous albums and I only had one not to sell 4 million records.

“Tae used to be the side piece when he was ‘officially’ with Ashanti.

But Nelly decided to UPGRADE her to main chick – and drop Ashanti.

She described the scary ordeal as "not fun" and said she's had to go to court several times to deal with the issue.