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When they got to the other side, it scared the horse and beat it in the contest.

The dragon, however, proved to be honorable and altruistic.

By all accounts, the dragon would have won the race as it could fly, but it had stopped to help villagers caught in a flooding river cross safely, or it stopped to assist the rabbit in crossing the river, or it stopped to help create rain for a drought-ridden farmland, depending on the teller.

The actual history behind the Chinese zodiac is much less fantastical and much harder to find.

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C.), a period of disunity in ancient Chinese history, as differing factions fought for control.

It’s been written that the animals of the zodiac were brought to China via the Silk Road, the same central Asian trade route that brought the Buddhist belief from India to China.The scholar Christopher Cullen as written that beyond satisfying the spiritual needs of an agrarian society, the use of astronomy and astrology was also an imperative of the emperor, who had the responsibility for ensuring harmony of everything under heaven.To rule well and with prestige, one needed to be accurate in astronomical matters, Cullen wrote.This is a relatively modern phenomenon as the same increase wasn’t seen in 1976, another dragon year.The Chinese zodiac also serves the practical purpose of figuring out a person’s age without having to ask directly and risk offending someone.Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that is naturally found in mitochondria--the energy-producing structures inside cells.