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Common validations for text field are ‘required’, minlength, maxlength or matching with a text pattern for a pattern In the example code above, validation to mean: “the input always needs to be of x characters or more” This is for numeric inputs – when you wan to to check whether the input falls in a certain numeric range.

For example, if the input should be greater than or equal to 10 then the validation is See the demo @Code Pen Common text input patterns like email, URL, decimal number etc are available “ready to use” in the library. also contains a ‘pattern’ validation where you can give a regular expression as a parameter.

Don’t leave it to the auto-generated default messages.

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Here are some common text pattern validations: See the demo @Code Pen Doing a ‘required’ validation for a Dropdown list is a bit tricky.

Dropdown list will always have one item always selected.

You can use the minlength/maxlength/rangelength validations for check box group as well.

Just like the radio group, checkbox group also requires some custom error placement to make it look good. It may be required in certain cases you want to ignore the validations of an element.

See a complete demo @Codepen The messages parameter is optional.

If you skip the messages parameter, the plugin will display default, auto-generated messages.See the demo @Code Pen You can apply the ‘required’ validation to the radio group.However, radio group will need some custom handling to place the error message properly.Have an option with label like ‘Select …’ and the option value empty. Then you can apply the ‘required’ validation to the Dropdown list.If the default option (‘Select …’) has a non-empty value, the required validation won’t give the desired result.See the Demo @Code Pen A check box group allows the user to select multiple options.