Restart google chrome to finish updating loop

For Android phones and tablets, Miracast is supported since Jelly Bean 4.2.

Windows 8.1 is an update for Windows 8 and the code base of both operating systems is same, so its quite obvious that you face the same problems and issues while installing or upgrading to Windows 8.1 which were faced by many people at the time of Windows 8 installation.

I have received a few emails from various Ask VG readers who are facing issues while installing Windows 8.1 and those issues are same as issues faced in Windows 8 installation.

To make it work, both the sending and receiving devices must support Miracast.

Most smart TVs released in last two years support Miracast.

I will try to explain to you Chromecast vs Miracast: the difference between Chromecast and Miracast (Miracast enabled devices), the advantages, and disadvantages of Chromecast and Miracast.

Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screencasting standard using Wi-Fi Direct connections.

Manufacturers can get certifications for their devices from Wi-Fi Alliance.

Miracast standard enables wireless delivery of audio and video to or from any devices with Wi Fi direct support.

Different size gives different experiences, and some contents., for example, full-length movies, are preferred in a larger TV screen.

There are different answers from different vendors. In other words, the solution only works for some specific-branded devices.

If the receiving device (usually TV or projector) does not support Miracast, a HDMI or USB Miracast dongle can be used for the receiver to work with the sending devices.