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We love the way it’s not all boring box-ticking, questionnaire-filling, drop-down-menu-clicking.

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That’s a 50% saving on their £19.95 a month 6 month plan (which we think is too expensive, but still).

Payment is billed in 3 installments of £39.80 for a £119.40 total.

There are several methods for you to get in touch with your matches once someone catches your attention.

The easiest option is probably to ‘Send a Smile’, which is pretty straightforward and and doesn’t really need a long explanation.

And if you’re wondering what all these different plans are check out our e Harmony prices article for a detailed breakdown.

Not only were we impressed by how the profile-creating works we really like the way it looks too.While things like that take some time to think over and put down, they give you a better idea about someone than what is his/her favourite food or how he/she likes to spend a Saturday night.What’s more – e Harmony has now introduced a special set of questions (a lot like OK Cupid does it) that you can answer in their… Each question has different options of answers to choose from and you can also explain your answers.Yep, it sounds like a long time but it’s actually quite fun to really think about your personality traits, values, likes and dislikes etc.The more honest you are with your answers the more your profile will truly reflect the kind of person you are and what’s important to you.Rest assured, you won’t just get a whole bunch of people who are extremely similar – there’s still a fair variety to choose from – but most of the matches that you get will meet your expectations in at least a few of the characteristics that you consider to be important.