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Priya tells her that Nikhil has been dating a woman named Tanya for six months and they may be moving in together, not realizing that Brenda didn't know.

Brenda is devastated, but Bob tries to encourage her, reminding her that Nikhil said he'd pay for a ticket for her to visit anytime she likes.

Nikhil starts dating Maisie Wylde and they become engaged.

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After briefly dating both Katie Sugden and Chas Dingle, Nikhil is shocked when Genesis Walker admits that she loves him.Nikhil rejects Gennie, but when she begins dating Nicky Pritchard, Nikhil becomes jealous and realises he has feelings for her.He's not so worldly-wise and can be quite gullible but when pushed he can easily demonstrate an iron backbone." Of Nikhil's relationship with his brother, Makarem said "Nikhil and Jai are a bit of a comedy duo. They are very different characters - Nikhil is more serious, more complex and more meticulous, whereas Jai is the maverick showman." Of his reasons for departing, Makarem stated "When making my decision to leave, on both artistic and personal levels, I listened very closely to my heart.I'm naturally ambitious – I believe in taking risks, as that's how we truly learn about ourselves, how we grow, and with this integrity in mind, I'm completely inspired for the journey ahead." Of his return, Makarem commented "With fresh energy and wisdom from playing other characters, I'm over the moon to be re-investing in Nikhil.Makarem's departure from the soap was announced on , and Nikhil made his screen exit on 20 August 2013.

Makarem reprised the role in September 2015 and Nikhil returned on 29 October 2015.

"Nikhil comes across as being a little shy in social situations but he's very focused and determined as far as business is concerned.

He tries to show off a steely exterior but it belies a soft centre.

After successfully gaining entry, Lisa Dingle convinces Jai to give her husband Zak a job in the factory as the driver. Nikhil reminded his brother that he was the real boss and did not want Jai undermining him.

This has provided a source of tension between the brothers as they opened the factory.

Nikhil becomes confused when Gennie starts acting strangely and he decides they should take a break. Nikhil then proposes to Gennie and she initially accepts until she realises he knows about her pregnancy and she turns him down.