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At first, Jamie wanted nothing more than to kick her sister off of her, but soon something inside of her took over, and she began to moan, leaving her powerless to do anything under her sister’s expect mouth. As Jamie stands up, she feels a sharp pinch to her left ass-check, and the room goes dark as she faints, falling to the cold hardwood floor with a loud “THUD!

———————————————————————————————————— On this particular day, Jamie was awaken, from her small dog mat on the cold hardwood floor of Brittany’s room, with a spanking on her thong-covered ass.Britney lifted her “toy” by the hair, unlocking the handcuffs, freeing Jamie’s hands from her ankles.As her vision became clear, she realized what was even more wrong then where she was; her sister stood in front of her, in a leather studded bra, and crotch-less leather studded panties, with black matching gloves, her hair flowing down her back, and a riding crop in her hand. ” Jamie screamed, her face growing red, trying to break out of her bonds. I can do whatever I want to you, oh and by the way you did that to yourself, you were trying to fight me in your sleep.” Britney told her sister, her hand gripping Jaime’s face.Jamie’s ass had a searing pain in it, and her arms were lined with slashes, along with her legs. Without another word, the riding crop came crashing down across Jamie’s ass, sending the pain shooting through her body, and suddenly she realized something…was getting turned on!!! While you were asleep I had a hypnotist come in and now even the slightest touch will turn you on, but pain will do so much more, watch.” With that, Britney brought the whip down across Jaime’s ass again and again, while with her free hand, she grabbed her little sister’s well developed c-cups and squeezed firmly, what an effect it had! “My little sister, the pain-slut, who would have thought it”, Britney said laughing.Jamie-Lynn Spears: Celebrity Bitch (Part 1) by Jonathan Pieffer f/F, nc, spank, drug, first, fdom, BDSM Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears This story is fake. It has not and probably will never happen, but if it does take pictures and call me!!

The people in this story do not exist, any similarity to real people is your overworked imagination… No celebrities were harmed during the writing of this story, if their careers are in the toilet look to their parents or agents, not me.

“Jamie I’ve been waiting such a long time to do this, in the end…you’ll thanks me.” Britney says in a sadistic tone, twirling her sister’s hair around her index figure, and tracing the dildo around Jaime-Lynn’s “lips”, enjoying the discomfort it is causing her younger sister.

“Don’t worry Jamie, not yet…I’m going to give you what I secretly I know you’ve always wanted.” Britney says, lowering her mouth to Jamie’s teenage pussy-lips. ” Jamie moans, thrusting her hips, about to reach her climax….”why’d you stop?! “This is punishment….you’re not going to release for quite some time I’m afraid to say, at least not while I’m doing it, now get up, it’s time to have some real fun.

We found the Spears sisters in a large bedroom, the sun shines in from the window, the birds singing, it’s a gorgeous day in Beverly Hills. Britney looks at her nude body in the mirror once more before walking toward her dresser, opening the top drawer. She drops the black Von Dutch “Wife-Beater” she was about to put on, and walks toward her sister, grabbing her by the chin.

“I told you to shut up, how dare you disobey me, you naughty girl!!

Britney had loved to dominate since her early relationship with Christian Aguilera, their “feud” nothing more than a front to hide their secrets.