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One of the most prominent of these is the sudden shift between comedy and tragedy.

Consequently, the readers, or the audience is in a state of constant suspense, not knowing what to expect.

Shakespeare also uses poetic language as a powerful tool to convey especially, the romance of the two lovers.

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On analyzing the play, one can also come across many themes. The emotions described depict feelings of intensity and force.There is Romeo and his poetry where he compares his love to the sun. Another important theme in the play is that of light and darkness, depicted in the form of day and night.In fact, without these plots, the play would lose much of its charm.An interesting little plot is Romeo’s interest in Rosaline, at the beginning. His love for Rosaline lacks depth and passion; in fact, often he seems to be infatuated with the idea of love rather than Rosaline.Shakespeare’s most popular tragedy to date is invariably, Romeo and Juliet.

Believed to be written between 15, the play explores various elements ranging from the attraction between the young lovers to the feud between their families and life in the sixteenth century.The messenger who is to inform Romeo about the potion and Juliet’s transient ‘death’ does not reach Romeo in time.Romeo hears of Juliet’s supposed death and is stricken with grief.Juliet though, a while later, awakens, but to her horror, her love is lying dead next to her. The families enter and realize what their fruitless feuding and fighting had done, and decide to reconcile their differences.Shakespeare employs many different literary elements and dramatic skills to make the play captivating and also entertaining.Romeo compares his love to the ‘bright sun [1],’ ‘a lamp [1],’ ‘bright angel [1]’ and that she is like ‘a jewel sparkling in the night [1].’ Juliet compares their love to lightening.