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In the film Martin plays Axl Torvalds, an internationally renowned computer hacker who leads FBI agents on the trail of a criminal mastermind.Based on his performance in Swordfish, Martin was offered a role in the German thriller Lautlos.

"I think Kanye [West] would agree," she deadpanned.

Outside of Star Trek, Martin has had recurring roles on the television series 24 and NCIS.

"In a situation like this, you have to know you have a great partner," she said.

"I know I'm going to be funny when I'm with someone who is far funnier than I am." Short concurred: "it's great that the jokes are great but even if they're not perfect, if you feel the two people are having a great time …

"That’s what we're striving for." The show itself is still in the early stages.

"Between Lorne, Maya and myself, we've met with a lot of people who are interested in appearing on the show," Short said.

He also appeared in such films as High Art (1998), Bedazzled (2000), and Swordfish (2001).

Martin played the role of Dracula in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Buffy vs.

He first appeared in off-Broadway productions and then moved on to extensive TV and film work.

He has made guest appearances on numerous hit television series and recently started working in Germany as well. Martin was born in West Berlin and spent his early years traveling throughout Europe while completing his education.

The show will feature sketches that spoof current events, celebrities and topical trends, as well as musical performances.