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By the time they are past 40 weeks, they are ready for induction, despite knowledge of the risks and side effects of induction. There are several cases in which medical management of a pregnancy is based on a knowledge of the specific gestational age of the fetus.These include: interpretation of pre-natal test results, determination of the best date for a planned cesarean section, decisions about inducing a ‘post-date’ pregnancy.

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In our example, the dating would be changed to 14 weeks.Due to the difference in these dates, we see confusion beyond medical students thinking about this for the first time.In this paper, I will not address this emotional and psychological impact in much detail, but this data should be read with an awareness of this, because it certainly impacts the couples that we work with in childbirth preparation classes.For example, as childbirth educators, we frequently see women who have reached the 38 week of pregnancy, where they’re told the baby is ‘no longer premature’ and the moms are ready for the baby to come.Yet one question brings confusion, “How pregnant is this women? However, you can also date a pregnancy with embryological age, starting at conception.

” The related question, “When does pregnancy start? This graphic is intentionally simple, removing all the hormones and other fun stuff.Errors in estimates of fetal age can lead to further errors, including iatrogenic prematurity, and unnecessary inductions.Despite protocols that have been developed to reduce these errors, some persist, as even physicians can be overly literal in their beliefs about the baby’s due date. Records of gestational age at birth are used to help determine rates of pre-term births, and to help evaluate the effectiveness of prenatal care.In the first case-based class of medical school, students are asked to answer a virtual patient’s question about the development of the fetus. It’s a great example of how detailed facts need the larger context.These students are smart and they know all about beta Hc G and are anxious to showcase their knowledge of the menstrual cycle with fluctuating levels of various hormones (FSH, progesterone, etc.). The usual dating is gestational age, based on the first day of your last menstrual period.Some parts of popular culture, like baby betting pools, remind us that the date is difficult to guess; however, other messages imply that we can expect a certain date. there is a token message there saying something like “baby’s not here yet?