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There is a 13 year age gap between the couple, with Masa being 46 years old while Kazue is 33 this year, but the couple have apparently been dating for a few years now if rumored gossip from way back when is to be believed.The rumors of Horikita being romantically linked to Sho Sakurai of Arashi and comedian Shingo Fujimori were swept aside as evidence had.JAPANThe storyline is about an otaku, a undercover police and his girlfriend teaming up to maintain safety in cyberspace.Japan woke up to a huge entertainment world news shocker Monday morning – top singer-actor Fukuyama Masaharu got married to secret actress girlfriend Fukiishi Kazue.Banyak spesikulasi bermunculan terkait rumor Yamapi dengan model tersebut.

dengan member Arashi, Sakurai Sho dalam sebuah dorama berjudul Tokujo.Th, involved parties are KAT-TUN, Yamapi, Inohara Yoshihiko, and Sakurai Sho.If you think about it, they don't admit dating rumors so the more that they.if Jun fell for such a big-name actress it'd definitely be exposed that they were dating.tagged rumour arashi aiba masaki matsumoto jun ninomiya kazunari ohno satoshi sakurai sho nakama yukie.Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki have been rumored to be in a secret relationship with Sakurai allegedly admitting it openly.