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The brand also sponsored a contest asking people to record a ‘Big Mac Rap’.

This inspired online fans because the campaign was fun and free.

For example ‘Treelabs’, a Bluetooth speaker brand provides a daily playlist of songs from different countries.

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Want to know more ways to market your brand on We Chat? Olivier Verot contributes a monthly column on Chinese Social Media.Olivier, who describes himself as, "A French man lost in China for several years," speaks Chinese, reads Chinese, and uses Chinese social media almost everyday.Businesses attract consumers with prizes, promotions or pictures and they will follow. Targeting specific communities also a good strategy.Here’s are the top 5 We Chat channels for Wine lovers.Passionate about Digital Marketing, in 2012 he realized his dream : to open an agency to live from his passion.

Olivier likes to share his knowledge with others, exchange ideas, and is always open to meeting new and interesting people in Shanghai.

For example, you can check the We Chat of the artist, Patrick the Chinese.

Every day he publishes funny videos and stories Through We Chat, you can communicate and advertise directly on smartphones apps.

There are two interacting menus for marketing purposes; this helps one to better manage interaction with fans.

Examples of We Chat marketing campaigns: Mc Donald’s campaign The international fast food company Mc Donald’s quickly understood the power of We Chat in their marketing strategy. They share fun and interactive content through the audio function.

To engage with fans and customers, a company has to know how to maximize business through We Chat.