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And frankly that gives me a unique perspective on this.

I do not see the Sabbath as binding under the New Covenant, so I really do not care who is right.

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The reason is that the WLC Team is becoming out-right fanatical and it is paramount that somebody sound a warning here, and give some very good reasons why they should reject their teachings.

Fact: They have abandoned several of the Fundamental Beliefs of the SDA church. Fact: WORLD’S LAST CHANCE has a focus on convincing SDA’s to leave the SDA Church and join their movement. And they claim that they alone have the correct understanding of scripture.

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Instead I am advised to read the equivalent of a Novel on their website.

I replied that I do not read fiction, and I would appreciate if they would simply answer the questions.

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I normally do not waste my time with the “off-shoots.” But I have seen their website evolve since they debuted in 2004 and they are now getting “further into the deep end of the pool,” and it is very disturbing to see how many THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE are falling for their non-sense and are diving in head first – not knowing the waters in which they dive.

Watch and singalong to this lovely hymn and please share it with someone.

[photo credit: i Stock 2015] December 03, 2015 | Silver Spring, Maryland USA The President of The Seventh-day Adventist® Church in North America, Daniel R.

From a Seventh-day Adventist perspective, the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE website is far more dangerous to the Seventh-day Adventists than my own website. I am direct about my stance on Ellen White and the Sabbath etc.