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You will also need these when boarding an airplane. Hotels that accept cats are less plentiful than those allowing dogs.

Search hotel websites, call area pet shelters or visit animal-oriented associations to find cat-friendly locations.

(It's better for the cat to be near you.) Ask about limits on how many animals one person can bring, what kind of carrier you need, medical requirements and costs. Transfers from one airplane to the next, or workers making noise while handling baggage can stress your animal even more. A hot southern sun won't be the best environment for a cat in cargo hold during summer — the same goes for those areas with subzero temperatures in winter.

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Avoid letting the cat out of the cage, unless leashed, until you reach where you are going.Ensure any crate is USDA-approved for shipping if you fly.Set the carrier out in your house a few days before you travel so your cat can get used to it. Take a few short car rides with your cat in the days before you leave if traveling by car.Search towns along your route for emergency vet locations.Inform the flight crew that you have a cat on the airplane if your pet can't travel with you in the passenger area.

It helps to have someone else thinking about checking on the animal in case of a delay or in an emergency.Allow a little playtime while you stop for your own break.Transition timing of routines slowly a few weeks before you leave to accommodate any time-zone changes.Pack your cat's tags and medical and vaccination records.Some states require rabies records for all animals crossing state lines.Crack windows about an inch if you get out of the car for any length of time, but don't let the cat roam the vehicle.