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Because concrete is an important structural element, testing is mandatory in many regions of the world, and construction companies must provide documentation of their testing and results when asked to do so by government representatives.

Test results are also kept on file in case a problem develops in the future.

If the strength tests don’t meet these criteria, steps must be taken to raise the average.

An index, called the Visual Blocking Index, is available to rate the segregation of the mixture during the test; however, this is not part of the ASTM standard.Measured characteristic: Passing ability ASTM C1610 This test evaluates the static stability of a concrete mixture by quantifying aggregate segregation.There are a dozen different test methods for freshly mixed concrete and at least another dozen tests for hardened concrete, not including test methods unique to organisations like the Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Highway Administration and state departments of transportation.Q: What are the different types of Concrete Testing?This is called the T50 value and is a measure of viscosity.

A final visual observation of the patty can be compared to an index called the Visual Stability Index, which rates the degree of segregation during the test.Concrete must meet specific standards, especially for high stress projects like bridges and high-rise buildings, which makes lab testing important to confirm that concrete is safe to use and that it will withstand years of stress.Material testing, in general, is designed to make sure that materials meet quality control standards, comply with any laws and contain the components people claim they contain.Changes in slump height between batches of concrete can indicate a consistency problem.There are also slump requirements for different types of construction; low slump height concrete, for example, cannot be used to build roadways.Q: What are the most common tests for fresh concrete?