Self liquidating scrip money

Of course the lower the cost, the more attractive to your prospects.

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The goal of this article is to answer these Questions: All very tangible questions and you about to discover the answers! Now this income is mainly to cover marketing costs and while you can profit, the main reason of an SLO is so that you can pay for your marketing and if done right, expand your marketing!

An SLO can come in many forms: But basically its a Generic informational product (i.e.

SO, your SLO is Incredibly important as it will be a big step in creating a trust based relationship with that prospect.

Make sure your SLO is of great quality because essentially it is representing You to that prospect and the value that you have to offer them.*** Ok, so how to implement.

The discount the organization receives is retained as revenue or funds raised.

Most successful Network Marketers know that to add front end income while building long term success, you must have an SLO (Self Liquidating Offer). A self liquidating offer is simply something that you can offer up front for low cost to create up front income for your business.

Other forms for scrip include land scrip; token coins, such as those used on subways; vouchers; IOUs; and tokens and tickets used at an arcade or game center.

Even points on certain credit cards may be considered scrip.

The term scrip, in a broad sense, indicates any type of substitutional currency that takes the place of legal tender.

In many instances, scrip is a form of credit but is generally always some form of documentation of debt.

Scrip evolved, in the 1980s, to include a now popular method of fundraising.