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We cuddle and chat until my legs stop shaking, then clean up the bed. Parker is greedy and he goes back for more until the convulsions of my body become too much to bear and I beg him to stop. Once our partners are inside, Jo directs their fingers to the “back” of the rectum to where the parasympathetic nervous system descends and gathers in groups of nerve bundles.

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Her work has appeared on The Huffington Post, Elle Canada, Canadian Living, 29 Secrets, 20and Twenties Hacker . She is a mom of two boys, a best selling author, a go-to media expert, magazine columnist, spokeswoman and award winning international speaker.

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I recline again as Parker crouches at my side, working his fingers, palm up, in and out of my cunt.

She's a 30-something, who spent 12 years living in Toronto and has recently returned to her sleepy hometown on the West Coast of Canada in search of a change of pace. Trina Read, is the founder of Viva, Eat Drink Love and is CBC radio’s Relationship Columnist.

He gets inside for a few strokes, but we’re both too distracted by class chatter and the wrap-up. ~ After dinner, it’s Life Size Games in Caligula’s Arcade. Then…I see the man I flirted with in the cafeteria, my blue-eyed boy with the sweet mouth.