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Ok, let me start by saying that I NEVER use a toilet!I also dont always go in my pants though because when i am at home i am always naked.I have created a new group for those of us who use our pants as our toilet and want to meet other people who use their pants as their toilet.

Its me, my younger sister and my mom in our house, and since we were young my mom has been very open sexually and otherwise. For most of us using the bathroom in our pants is a sexual thing.

Now don't get me wrong, I can still get wet thinking about it but I don't get myself off every time.

And yes this is not a gag or a joke or something i just say to get a rise out of people i am a real life girl who uses her pants when she needs to go to the toilet, my body has been doing this so long i...

I have always loved peeing and pooping my pants - originally only in a private way - but now, given how many public loos are so disgusting, that you wouldn't want to sit down on them, I prefer to **** or dump in my clothes.

This evening, i was sitting around and i started to feel the need to poo.

I put on some female dress pants that i had laying around, went into the bathroom and started to push a little, the urge too poo was HUGE.

It's only got one story right now so post your stories and...

The past couple of weeks I dont think I've pooped in a toilet. I usually always pee in a toilet though just cuz I like peeing myself but in my opinion its way messier than poop kinda of. There is another new group for those of us who use our pants as our toilet.

i will feel the warm pee streak down my leg or pool around my butt if i'm in the... If the house must be left, they may be taken off and if needed a shower may be taken... **** if ur willing to PAY for a video request then **** I'll do whatever tf you want me to, but don't just blow me up and...

I have never used a toilet in my life and I'm not about to start now. My mom kept me in diapers until I was 8 years old, then she stopped diapering me and from that point on I just went in my pants all the time. I realize that sounds like a ess ee ex thing, it isn't... ATTENTION BOYS (since yall the only ones that bug tf outta me with this) STOP asking for videos from me. For as long as I can remember, I have been using the bathroom in my pants.

I loved days when I got off work early morning and didn't have to go anywhere and would come home, put a diaper on, put plastic pants over it, and not change until the next day. Doodoo is the "other brown, yellow, and sometimes green" meat.